Walking 24,000 miles to teach a love of life

May 31, 2010   |   News

Over the past 10 years Steve Fugate Sr. has walked almost 25,000 miles, through 46 states, and worn out 32 pairs of shoes.  He did it all with a sign over his head saying, simply, “Love Life.”

Unbelievable.  Steve’s 24,000-mile journey is about the same as walking the circumference of the Earth at the equator.  You may be wondering why.  You see, in 1999 Steve lost his only son “Stevie” to suicide. Then in 2005, Steve lost his daughter to an accidental drug overdose.  Steve walks for both his children. His goal – his mission – is to teach his love of life to everyone he meets.  And so, he walked.  This has been part of his holy adventure, as Steve says, “to prove to himself that he could still function as a human being” in the midst of his deep grief.

HOLY ADVENTURE: Learn more about Steve’s story, and about his son Stevie and daughter Shelly, and about Steve’s crusade to spread the word of Loving Life on his web site  Inspiring.  Thanks for teaching us, Steve.


Deacon Kevin Richardson

Kevin is a Catholic Deacon who serves in a parish setting and works with adults and teens, incarcerated individuals, and people who are homeless. He grew up in New England and spent decades exploring, hiking, and camping in the forests of New Hampshire.

Deacon Kevin leads Holy Adventure Outdoor Ministry, located in Central Illinois, and provides unique outdoor programs and retreat opportunities (from several hours to multiple days) to encounter God while immersed in the beauty and simplicity of God’s creation. Programs are Bible based and offer an introduction to a wide variety of wilderness living and survival skills.