Should You Purify Water From Melted Snow?

Should You Purify Water from Melted Snow?

As kids we used to eat snow and icicles all the time during the winter, with no ill effects.  If we follow some common sense guidelines we can use snow while backpacking as a plentiful supply of water.  The question…

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10 Tips To Make A Fire In A Tough Situation

10 Tips to Make a Fire in a Tough Situation

When the weather is great and you have all the time in the world, most anyone can light a fire. But when it’s raining or snowing, your hands are shaking, your decision-making abilities are compromised, and the ground is soaked…

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7 Favorite Bushcraft Channels On YouTube

7 Favorite Bushcraft Channels on YouTube

These are what I consider to be seven of the best bushcraft-related channels on YouTube. There’s a wealth of outdoor knowledge and experience on these channels. When you have some time to spare, check them out.   Shugemery Sean Emery…

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Can Good Come From The Goblin Valley Vandalism?

Can Good Come from the Goblin Valley Vandalism?

In mid-October, three Boy Scout leaders were responsible for knocking over a boulder in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah.  They claimed that they were removing a safety hazard for hikers. Their action resulted in angry protests by officials and the…

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