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A simple modification to this mini fan will let you clip it to the ridgeline in your camping hammock for a cooling breeze — and a better night

The bug net in your hammock does a great job of keeping mosquitoes and other flying insects out, but the net also reduces air circulation. A fan can improve the air flow in your hammock and help you get a better night’s sleep.

The perfect fan is perhaps a holy grail, since I look for one that is light weight, has a long battery life, and can be positioned where I want it in the hammock. I came across these little Coleman mini fans in the camping aisle of a store near me. The fan takes two AA batteries.

I haven’t tested the battery run time. The AA batteries can be recharged with a solar charger during the day if I wanted to go that route.

Instructions for the Mod

Here’s what I did for this small modification to allow the fan to hang off the ridgeline:

1.) Remove the battery compartment cover.  Use a tiny screwdriver to remove the little screw and the battery terminal.

2.) Use a small drill bit to drill two holes just large enough for the diameter for Kelty Triptease Lightline to pass through.

3.) Take about 4 inches of Kelty Triptease Lightline.  Run one end through a hole and tie an overhand knot on the inside of the battery compartment cover.  Melt the end and a bit of the knot to secure it.  (You can use any type or length of cord that you want, of course.)

4.) Slip a small mitten hook over the loose end and push the Triptease through the other hole in the cover.  Tie another overhand knot and melt as before.

5.) Replace the metal battery terminal and secure it with the tiny screw.

That’s it.  Insert batteries and replace the compartment cover.  I’ll be testing this 3.4 ounce fan in the hammock soon.  Stay cool.


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