Repurpose a Svea 123 stove wind screen for a lightweight alcohol stove.

Sitting on the shelf in the gear closet is a cute little brass stove that is full of camping memories. It’s a Svea 123 – the most bombproof, simple, and arguably the loudest darn stove around. In good weather, it sits on the shelf while a lightweight soda can alcohol stove goes backpacking, but in cold to freezing weather, the Svea goes.

Svea Wind Screen - 032Anyway, the Svea has this awesome integrated windscreen. I was looking at it the other day and I thought to myself, this would make a pretty cool pot stand for the alcohol stove, but it’s just a little tall. Ten minutes later I dug out an extra Svea windscreen and was slicing it in half on a small drill press with a 3” metal cutting wheel.

Make sure you wear gloves if you do this because those metal filings are hot! Also, file down the new edge to make it safer to handle. The new pot holder weighs 2.2 oz (62g). The weight will be further reduced by drilling a series of 7/8” (22.225mm) holes on the sides with an Irwin Unibit.

I use a large soda can stove made from an Arizona Iced Tea can. It fits perfectly inside the Svea pot holder. The pot holder balances larger pots easily since it has three fold-out pot holder arms. A lightweight windscreen is still needed to make the alcohol stove work efficiently. Oh, the nostalgia!


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